Clinical spectrum of unselected newly diagnosed coeliac disease patients – data from the observational multi-center study Procede

  • Katharina Werkstetter (Contributor)
  • Sibylle Koletzko (Contributor)
  • Steffen Husby (Contributor)
  • Luisa Mearin (Contributor)
  • Korponay-Szabó, I. (Contributor)
  • Carmen Ribes-Konickx (Contributor)
  • Adrian Thomas (Contributor)
  • Riccardo Troncone (Contributor)
  • Vincenzo Villanacci (Contributor)
  • Enzo Bravi (Contributor)
  • Ulf Steller (Contributor)
  • Andreas Vécsei (Contributor)
  • Almuthe Hauer (Contributor)
  • Myriam Van Winckel (Contributor)
  • Philippe Alliët (Contributor)
  • Yvan Vanderplas (Contributor)
  • Francoise Smets (Contributor)
  • Zrinjka Misak (Contributor)
  • Peter Szitányi (Contributor)
  • Kurppa, K. (Contributor)
  • Hélène Garnier-Lengliné (Contributor)

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    Contributors: Werkstetter Katharina, Koletzko Sibylle, Husby Steffen Korponay-Szabó Ilma, Mearin Luisa, Ribes-Konickx Carmen, Thomas Adrian, Troncone Riccardo, Villanacci Vincenzo, Bravi Enzo, Steller Ulf, Vécsei Andreas, Hauer Almuthe, Van Winckel Myriam, Alliët Philippe, Vanderplas Yvan, Smets Francoise, Misak Zrinjka, Szitányi Peter, Kurppa Kalle, Garnier-Lengliné Hélène et al
    Period8 May 2013
    Event title46th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN)
    Event typeOther
    Degree of RecognitionInternational