Multimodal UI - Computer Human Inteaction in the Future Car

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Cars have turned into computers-on-wheels. The modern car has dozens of computer systems taking care of engine control, safety systems or networked services. The number of these systems will only increase in the future, promising us safer, better, more enjoyable voyage.

How can we make sure that not all these computer systems steal the driver’s attention? How to design interaction with car systems to feel effortless, intuitive, and non-distracting? How to give all the necessary information to drivers without overloading their brains? How to make it all safe?

Period26 Aug 2020

Media contributions


Media contributions


TitleSmart Mobility Webinar Series
Period26 Aug 2020 → 26 Aug 2020


  • multimodal interaction
  • automotive
  • industrial collaboration
  • origo concept
  • MIVI