The Gamification of Nature with Daniel Fernandez Galeote

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Games serve so many different roles in our lives. They can be a form of art, they can be a method of escapism from the hecticness of life, and they can convene community by connecting people all across the world. But can games also heal our relationship to nature and help us navigate the climate crisis? Today’s guest, Daniel Fernandez Galeote is a game designer and a doctoral researcher at the Gamification Group, Tampere University. His research aims to understand the potential of games for climate change engagement and combines the study of existing games with the creation of new ones. His work is enriched by frequent conversations with scientists, educators, activists, and game developers, among others and considers a variety of environmental issues and topics.

Period30 May 2022

Media contributions


Media contributions


  • climate change
  • games
  • gamification
  • engagement
  • sustainability