Measurements of Cryptographic Primitives Execution on Android Devices

  • Aleksandr Ometov (Creator)
  • Krystof Zeman (Brno University of Technology) (Contributor)
  • Pavel Masek (Brno University of Technology) (Contributor)
  • Lukas Balazevic (Brno University of Technology) (Contributor)
  • Mikhail Komarov (National Research University Higher School of Economics) (Contributor)



This dataset is a supplementary material for paper "A Comprehensive and Reproducible Comparison of Cryptographic Primitives Execution on Android Devices" with the measurements collected from 17 mobile devices and the code for reproducibility.

It provides the results of the analysis of the security mechanisms in the Android OS. The main paper aims to examine these mechanisms and evaluate which cryptographic methods and procedures are most advantageous in terms of energy efficiency derived from execution time. After analyzing the collected data, specific cryptographic algorithms are recommended to implement an application that utilizes native cryptographic operations on modern Android devices. In particular, selected algorithms for symmetric encryption are AES256 / GCM / No Padding; for digital signature - SHA512 with RSA2048 / PSS, and for asymmetric encryption - RSA3072 / OAEP with SHA512 and MGF1 Padding.
Date made available26 Mar 2021
PublisherTampere University
Date of data production26 Mar 2021

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