MOESM1 of Wound healing of human embryonic stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelial cells is affected by maturation stage

  • Amna E. Abu Khamidakh (Contributor)
  • Alejandra Rodriguez-Martinez (University of Tampere) (Creator)
  • Kai Kaarniranta (Creator)
  • Anne Kallioniemi (Creator)
  • Heli Skottman (Creator)
  • Jari Hyttinen (Creator)
  • Kati Juuti-Uusitalo (Creator)



    Additional file 1: Fig S1. Confocal images of non-wounded (A) and wounded (B) Regea08/017 hESC-RPE cultures in which COLI is shown in red and nuclei in blue. As seen from the ortho-sections on the right and above, the COLI is concentrated close to the substrata. This is indicated also with white arrows. The background labeling, which would be visible is other areas of the cell, is very low. Scale bars are 10Â Âľm.
    Date made available31 Jul 2018

    Field of science, Statistics Finland

    • 3111 Biomedicine

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