MOESM2 of Wound healing of human embryonic stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelial cells is affected by maturation stage

  • Amna E. Abu Khamidakh (Contributor)
  • Alejandra Rodriguez-Martinez (Institute of Biosciences and Medical Technology) (Creator)
  • Kai Kaarniranta (Creator)
  • Anne Kallioniemi (Creator)
  • Heli Skottman (Creator)
  • Jari Hyttinen (Creator)
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    Additional file 2: Video S1. Calcium wave in hESC-RPE monolayer (9d + 7d) followed for 300 s after mechanical stimulation. The video corresponds Fig. 7A, B. Prior the stimulation hESC-RPEs (9d + 7d) were loaded with fluorescent Ca2+ sensitive dye Fluo-4 AM that reflects [Ca2+]i concentration in the cytoplasm. The site of mechanical stimulation is marked with white an arrow. Mechanical stimulation of a single cell in a hESC-RPE monolayer resulted in a [Ca2+]i increase, seen as an increase in fluorescent signal, in the stimulated cell that propagates in a wave-like manner to neighbouring cells.
    Date made available31 Jul 2018

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