Raw Data-Emotional Awareness and Internalizing Problems: Associations and State-Trait Differences among Adolescents



1. Raw Data in Spss:

In the Spss file, you can find the scores of 68 students (12 years old; Female = 34, Male = 34 ). Student's emotional awareness (EA) and Internalizing problems (IP) score measured at Time1 and one month later at Time 2. For measuring EA, the level of emotional awareness scale (LEAS-C) and for measuring IP, the Strength and Difficulty Questionnaire (SDQ) is used. The internalizing problems score obtained by summing up the emotional and peer problem scales of SDQ.

2. R-script for the Cross-Lagged Panel Model (CLPM) and two-factor latent model using Lavaan package (Rosseel, 2012)
Date made available24 Feb 2021

Field of science, Statistics Finland

  • 515 Psychology

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