TUT Urban Acoustic Scenes 2018 Mobile, Development dataset



TUT Urban Acoustic Scenes 2018 Mobile development dataset consists of 10-seconds audio segments from 10 acoustic scenes:

Airport - airport
Indoor shopping mall - shopping_mall
Metro station - metro_station
Pedestrian street - street_pedestrian
Public square - public_square
Street with medium level of traffic - street_traffic
Travelling by a tram - tram
Travelling by a bus - bus
Travelling by an underground metro - metro
Urban park - park

Recordings were made with three devices that captured audio simultaneously. Each acoustic scene has 864 segments (144 minutes of audio) recorded with device A (main device) and 72 segments of parallel audio (12 minutes) each recorded with devices B and C. The dataset contains in total 28 hours of audio.
Date made available24 Apr 2018

Field of science, Statistics Finland

  • 113 Computer and information sciences

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