Audio laboratory

  • Joonas Nikunen (Manager)

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    TTY Korkeakoulunkatu 1 Tamoere 33720


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Soundproofed audio laboratory and equipment for different kind of audio measurements and listening experiments. The facilities include an acoustically insulated measurement/listening room with semi-floating structure built within the laboratory. The measurement room is acoustically treated to achieve low reverberation time (< 160ms). An audio workstation with monitor speakers is located outside the measurement room, so that, if necessary, the measurements can be performed without entering the measurement room itself. This enables safe measurements also with rather loud sound pressures. The laboratory enables high-quality audio measurements, such as frequency or impulse response measurements, (instrument, speech and singing) recordings, and listening tests. The equipment in the laboratory include: - Recording interfaces (RME, Focusrite), mixers (Mackie) and AD/DA converters (Apogee, RME) - High quality headphones (AKG) and headphone amplifiers for monitoring and listening tests - Microphone preamplifiers (RME) - Various types of microphones: Dynamic (AKG), condenser (Sennheiser, DPA), soundfield (TSL Products) and binaural (Roland, AuSIM) - Active monitor speakers for measurements and listening tests (Genelec) - Portable recorders (Tascam, Zoom) up to 8 channel simultaneous field recordings


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