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High Voltage Laboratory of Tampere University is the only notable independent HV laboratory in Finland offering services for both academia and industry. It is located in the Hervanta Campus of TAU. Wide range of high quality testing and diagnostics facilities enables not only electrical but also various environmental tests as well as comprehensive dielectric characterization and visualization capabilities.

Examples of the possibilities:

- High voltage tests at different voltage forms (AC, DC, impulses, composite waveshapes)
- Climatic testing even for very large components
- Diagnostic measurements for e.g. Smart Grid power network components, insulation systems or material samples
- High voltage measurements & metrology
- Comprehensive state-of-the-art characterization facilities for dielectric materials and insulation systems (Special expertise & facilities for thin film insulation systems)
    Permittivity and dielectric losses
    Conductivity & resistivity
    Charging & trapping properties
    Accurate breakdown strength statistics determinations
    Ageing & long-term performance of dielectric systems
    Partial discharge diagnostics

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