Human-Robot Collaboration Pilot Line

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Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) Pilot Line is a pre-commercial (’test before invest’) production and prototyping environment that enables learning through experimentation in new product, process and related-service development. The HRC Pilot Line serves as showroom and testbed for the companies to explore, test and validate possible solutions they could transfer to their own production site. This pilot line intends to research human-robot collaboration using heavy industrial robots and to demonstrate the use of advanced robotics, ICT/IoT and cyber-security solutions in the field of Agile Production.

The technologies in this environment include Human-robot-collaboration, AR/VR/xR applications, digital twins, data collection, machine and computer vision, and the development of AI methods for object recognition and classification. Pilot line includes two ABB IRB4600 industrial robots, safety system and several additional periferal equipment.

See details of the conducted research and the current facilities from the website.


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