Loading of Large-Scale Structures RAK-91201

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Description: The 12 m x 6 m concrete strong floor allows testing of full-size and large-scale structures. Several hydraulic cylinders (capacity range up to +200 kN/-250 kN each) are supported to two loading frames which have been anchored to the strong floor. Control system of these cylinders allows static, dynamic and repeated loadings. Loadings can be carried out also with pre-set loading history. Strong floor with c/c 700 mm grid of anchor points allows load anchoring up to 1 MN per point. Several removable hydraulic cylinders can be used on various loading arrangements. The hydraulic cylinders are available for -200 kN, -450 kN and +/-1MN maximum loads. The deformations in test structures can be measured by using strain gauges or displacement transducers.


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