Manufacturing and processing of fibres

    Marja Rissanen (Manager)

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The laboratory scale fiber manufacturing lines includes a melt spinning and a wet spinning line. In addition, e-spinning (electro-spinning) of nano-scale fibers is possible.

The melt spinning line consists of extruder and drawing unit. The spinning temperatures can be up to 350°C and the spinning speeds up to 800 m/min. Different types of thermoplastic polymers can be spun. The minimum amount of raw material is 200 g. Several types of spinnerets (mono- and multifilament) can be used.

The wet spinning line comprises solution tank, spin bath, stretching unit, and take-up. The wet spinning line can be used to polymer solutions which are not volatile or contain no toxic substances. Several spinneret types can be used for filament production (3…2000 holes) and film production (width 1 cm).


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