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    Materials characterization facilities include various optical microscopy techniques for structural and surface analysis, and X-ray diffractometry for phase, structure, and residual stress analysis. The multipurpose testing facilities include for example hardness testing, non-destructive testing, climate and corrosion testing, and icing research and testing systems. Well-equipped furnace laboratory provides possibilities for different heat treatments. There is also versatile software for the material and material property modelling.

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    Optical microscopes, 3D profilometer, XRD, FT-IR, drop shape analyzer, gas adsorption analyzer, hardness testing, Barkhausen noise device, phased array ultrasound device, residual stress measurement device, specimen preparation laboratory, UV and weather chambers, potentiostatic study devices, furnaces, cold laboratory, icing wind tunnel, centrifugal ice adhesion tester, and various simulation software.
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    • TN Mining engineering. Metallurgy
    • microscopy
    • XRD
    • materials characterization
    • NDT
    • icing
    • heat treatment
    • corrosion
    • Q Science (General)


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