Red Labs for soft photonic, robotic and energy materials

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The Red Labs research infrastructure facilitates preparation, analysis, and characterization of soft and hybrid materials for sustainable photonics, advanced energy technologies and novel biomedical applications. Our facilities comprise a synthesis laboratory equipped with 12 fume hoods and a nitrogen glove box for sensitive materials, containing the necessary instrumentation and chemical library for the synthesis of organic molecules, polymers, metal nanoparticles/perovskite nanocrystals and bio-based materials. Our materials fabrication facilities include, e.g., photopolymerization stations, wet-spinning and 3D bioprinting, and setups for fabrication and characterization of emerging photovoltaic technologies. In addition to the photovoltaics characterization, our facilities also include several advanced spectroscopic, microscopic, and imaging setups. We are also equipped with several pulsed and continuous-wave light sources, having the ability towards, e.g., laser interference lithography and fabrication/characterization of organic solid-state lasers. Our activities and infrastructure connect tightly to the PREIN Flagship Programme as well as to the FinnLight FIRI Infrastructure Roadmap and we are part of the Finnish Centre of Excellence LIBER.

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