Tampere Microscopy Center

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Facility to analyse the microstructure and chemical composition of materials down to the atomic scale. Center offers versatile selection of instruments for material characterization.

Analytical transmission electron microscope (Jeol F200 S/TEM) with EDS and EELS, analytical high resolution scanning electron microscope (Zeiss UltraPlus FE-SEM) with EDS and EBSD, focused ion beam microscope FIB-SEM (Zeiss Crossbeam 540) with EDS, basic scanning electron microscopes with EDS (Tescan Vega, Jeol IT-500), FE-SEM electron microscope with Raith e-beam lithography, Raman microscope (Renishaw InVia Qontor), Micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (Bruker M4 Tornado Plus), and versatile sample preparation equipment for EM samples
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