Tribology and wear testing

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Facilities for wear and tribology testing, including heavy abrasion, impact wear, slurry-erosion, fretting and tribology of machine elements, such as gears, bearings, and frictional joints. The equipment is designed and built to simulate the in-service conditions. The facilities cover also vibration monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems.

Research equipment
Tribology and machine elements test rigs: Test rigs for journal, thrust, and rolling bearings, FZG, Twin-disc test rig, Mini traction machine, Fretting wear and fatigue test rigs, Rotating beam fatigue machine, Vibration Testing, etc.
Wear testing equipment: Pin-on-disk/Ball-on-disk, Crushing pin-on-disk, Uniaxial crusher, Dual pivoted jaw crusher, Impeller-tumbler, High-speed slurry-pot type erosion tester, Erosion tester, Slurry erosion-corrosion tester, Cavitation erosion tester, High velocity particle impactor, Ball-on-block, Hammer mill, Single disc refiner, Block-on-ring, Rubber wheel abrasion testers, etc.

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  • TN Mining engineering. Metallurgy
  • tribology
  • wear of materials
  • lubrication
  • fretting
  • abrasion
  • erosion
  • TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery
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