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  • Data for Widespread detection of chlorine oxyacids in the Arctic atmosphere: Villum Research Station and Ny-Ålesund observations

    Tham, Y. J. (Creator), Sarnela, N. (Creator), Parameswaran Iyer, S. (Contributor), Qinyi, L. (Creator), Angot, H. (Creator), Quéléver, L. L. J. (Creator), Beck, I. (Creator), Laurila, T. (Creator), Beck, L. J. (Creator), Boyer, M. (Creator), Carmona-García, J. (Creator), Borrego-Sánchez, A. (Creator), Roca-Sanjuán, D. (Creator), Peräkylä, O. (Creator), Thakur, R. C. (Creator), He, X. (Creator), Zha, Q. (Creator), Howard, D. (Creator), Blomquist, B. (Creator), Archer, S. (Creator), Bariteau, L. (Creator), Posman, K. (Creator), Hueber, J. (Creator), Helmig, D. (Creator), Hans-Werner, J. (Contributor), Junninen, H. (Creator), Markku, K. (Contributor), Mahajan, A. S. (Creator), Massling, A. (Creator), Skov, H. (Creator), Mikko, S. (Contributor), Francisco, J. S. (Creator), Schmale, J. (Creator), Jokinen, T. (Creator) & Alfonso, S. (Contributor), 20 Feb 2023


  • Dataset for Direct field evidence of autocatalytic iodine release from atmospheric aerosol

    Tham, Y. J. (Creator), He, X. (Creator), Qinyi, L. (Creator), Cuevas, C. A. (Creator), Shen, J. (Creator), Kalliokoski, J. (Creator), Yan, C. (Creator), Parameswaran Iyer, S. (Creator), Lehmusjärvi, T. (Creator), Jang, S. (Creator), Thakur, R. C. (Creator), Beck, L. (Creator), Kemppainen, D. (Creator), Olin, M. (Creator), Sarnela, N. (Creator), Mikkilä, J. (Creator), Hakala, J. (Creator), Marbouti, M. (Creator), Yao, L. (Creator), Li, H. (Creator), Huang, W. (Creator), Wang, Y. (Creator), Wimmer, D. (Creator), Zha, Q. (Creator), Virkanen, J. (Creator), Spain, T. G. (Creator), O'Doherty, S. (Creator), Jokinen, T. (Creator), Bianchi, F. (Creator), Petäjä, T. (Creator), Worsnop, D. R. (Creator), Mauldin III, R. L. (Creator), Ovadnevaite, J. (Creator), Ceburnis, D. (Creator), Maier, N. M. (Creator), Kulmala, M. (Creator), O'Dowd, C. (Creator), Dal Maso, M. (Creator), Saiz-Lopez, A. (Creator) & Sipilä, M. (Creator), 14 Jan 2021