Advancing international business ideation concepts for contexts embedded within capital investment markets

Pekka Huovinen

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    The aim of this paper is to advance international business (IB) ideation especially as part of IB management concepts and among concept designers related to contexts embedded within international capital investment markets (CIMs). A 5-approach typology differentiates between fitting, value-creating, profit-generating, systemizing, and commercializing business ideation. This paper is part of the on-going reviewing of research on CIMs-related business management (BM). So far, the reviewing has resulted in the identification of 71 concepts published between the years 1990 and 2013. Focal firms have their home bases in one of the OECD countries plus in Hong Kong and Singapore due to the heritage of the British Commonwealth. Within the 71-concept platform, there are 18 (25%) IB management concepts, i.e., the authors have designed them for managing businesses with contexts embedded within international CIMs. Moreover, 14 (20%) CIMs-related IB management concepts have been designed also along the business ideation dimension, respectively. There are 6 (8%) high-degree concepts, and 4 (6%) medium-degree concepts, and 4 (6%) low-degree concepts. In principle, it seems that these high-degree IB management concepts enable the viable IB ideation for contexts within CIMs. However, none of these concepts has been designed for managing primarily IB ideation. Thus, the five 2-dimensional couplings are suggested for advancing the design of IB ideation concepts, i.e., IB ideation is coupled theoretically with a frame of reference and a school of thought on generic BM as well as contextually with IB types, environments, and dynamism embedded within international CIMs. In turn, IB and CIMs-related researchers with IB managers can jointly engage themselves with cross-disciplinary and academia-industry research on IB ideation.
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    Publication statusPublished - 26 Aug 2015
    Event13th Vaasa International Business Conference - University of Vaasa , Vaasa, Finland
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