Automaattisen arvioinnin käytäntöjen yhtenäistäminen korkeakouluyhteisössä

Translated title of the contribution: Uniforming the practices of automatic assessment in University setting

Tommi Honkanen

Research output: Book/ReportMaster's thesis


Automatic assessment is one of the most popular tools in programming education. It is utilized on many programming courses on Tampere Universities’ learning management system Tuni+. However, the tools used on the courses have become very different from course to course, and the faculty has many courses with different technical implementations. This makes the management of courses, tools and the work of the course personnel harder. In this thesis we answer the following questions:"How the automatic graders of programming courses in Tuni+ can be uniformed? What kind of tools and practices can be used to achieve this?" The answers for the questions are sought via constructive research by creating a new tool based on four programming courses taught in Tampere University. The basis of the tool is that it is compatible with Tuni+. We start by introducing how programming can be assessed, how the assessment can be automated and its pedagogic effects. After this we examine the architecture of Tuni+, and define what properties the tool must contain. In addition we go through existing components from the programming courses, and look for methods which can be used to uniform the courses’ implementations. As a result of the thesis, we have a new tool which can be used to initialize a new programming course for Tuni+. The tool follows a new uniform implementation where a single main script handles the assessment process of all different exercises of a single course. A new Docker base image has also been created for the use of new courses and for new exercises, which contains all essential components required by Tuni+, and which can be used as a foundation for the actual Docker images used by the grading containers. The new tool, the Docker base image and the methods used in the uniforming can be used in Tuni+. Using the tool for creating new courses ensures that they are uniform with older courses, which makes the deployment and further development of the courses easier.
Translated title of the contributionUniforming the practices of automatic assessment in University setting
Original languageFinnish
Number of pages46
Publication statusPublished - 23 Nov 2020
Publication typeG2 Master's thesis, polytechnic Master's thesis


  • automatic assessment
  • Programming education


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