Day surgery in reduction mammaplasty – saving money or increasing complications?

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Background: The benefits of reduction mammoplasty procedures have been reported previously. However, to control the rise in public healthcare costs, we need to find ways of conducting these procedures safely and more cost-effectively. Our aim was to examine whether reduction mammaplasty performed in an outpatient setting has comparable surgical complication rates to those performed in an inpatient setting. We also investigated whether any savings gained from day surgery are still present after any possible indirect costs are considered. Methods: The study population comprised 276 patients who underwent reduction mammaplasty in a single center between January 2019 and February 2021. Data were collected from patient medical records. The costs associated with the primary procedure and any possible additional expenses were calculated. Basic statistical comparisons were performed for propensity score-matched data. Results: Complication rates, readmissions, number of contacts to the health care system, and need for additional surgical interventions were comparable between outpatients and inpatients. The basic costs for outpatients were 2990 euros per patient and 3923 euros for inpatients. Total costs after possible extra expenses were lower in day surgery as it was markedly more cost-effective than patients treated as inpatients. Conclusions: Reduction mammaplasties can be safely performed in an outpatient setting. Moreover, the emergence of complications is comparable to those performed in an inpatient setting. An outpatient setting produced significant cost savings not only in the immediate costs of primary surgery but also in the costs associated with possible complications and extra contacts to the healthcare system.

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JournalJournal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
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