From interactions to cocreation. A systems view on on digitalisation and the thereby changing management practices

Sanna Ketonen-Oksi

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    Purpose: Considering technology as a combination of multi-actor practices, processes and symbols through which various social and technological aspects are connected, the adoption of social technologies has fundamentally changed the ways how people interact and communicate. In order to create more value through digitally enabled human-nonhuman interactions, organisations need to systematically relate and combine their activities and resources with one another, thus making the growingly service-provisioning networks and the entire service ecosystems more efficient.

    Design/methodology/approach: Empirically, this study builds on (a) thematic interviews conducted with a number of actors working in or collaborating with novel service ecosystems, and on (b) a set of social media data associated within them. Theoretically, this study builds on the foundations of Systems Thinking and of Service-Dominant logic. The focus will be in creating a better understanding of the ways to manage in the increasingly complex and dynamic service ecosystems.

    Originality/value: Succeeding in the increasingly digital business environments will not take place unless mature and specific understanding of the motivational aspects (e.g. clear purpose, effective communication, management by example, boundaryless working settings) are being offered to and adapted by the companies.

    Practical implications: New insight and practical advice will be provided for managers interested in leading their organisations towards more creative and innovative customer solutions, that is, the more systemic development of their customer and stakeholder relationships. Hence, this study encourages managers to become active in transforming existent organisational culture(s) and different practices fostering creativity and innovation.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages2
    Publication statusPublished - 12 Jun 2017


    • Systems Thinking
    • Value Cocreation
    • Service-Dominant Logic
    • Service Ecosystems

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