Genetic Risk Scores Associated with Temperament Clusters in Finnish Depression Patients

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Objective: Cloninger's temperament dimensions have been studied widely in relation to genetics. In this study, we examined Cloninger's temperament dimensions grouped with cluster analyses and their association with single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). This study included 212 genotyped Finnish patients from the Ostrobothnia Depression Study. Methods: The temperament clusters were analysed at baseline and at six weeks from the beginning of the depression intervention study. We selected depression related catecholamine and serotonin genes based on a literature search, and 59 SNPs from ten different genes were analysed. The associations of single SNPs with temperament clusters were studied. Using the selected genes, genetic risk score (GRS) analyses were conducted considering appropriate confounding factors. Results: No single SNP had a significant association with the temperament clusters. Associations between GRSs and temperament clusters were observed in multivariate models that were significant after permutation analyses. Two SNPs from the DRD3 gene, two SNPs from the SLC6A2 gene, one SNP from the SLC6A4 gene, and one SNP from the HTR2A gene associated with the HHA/LRD/LP (high harm avoidance, low reward dependence, low persistence) cluster at baseline. Two SNPs from the HTR2A gene associated with the HHA/LRD/LP cluster at six weeks. Two SNPs from the HTR2A gene and two SNPs from the COMT gene associated with the HP (high persistence) cluster at six weeks. Conclusion: GRSs seem to associate with an individual's temperament profile, which can be observed in the clusters used. Further research needs to be conducted on these types of clusters, and their clinical applicability.

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