Higher Education Cooperation between the EU and Countries in Four Continents: From the Perspective of the Internationalisation of Higher Education

Elizabeth Balbachevsky, Yuzhuo Cai, Svetlana Shenderova, Heather Eggins

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This chapter presents the main issues addressed by this book when analysing the experiences of cooperation between European Union and Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa. These four countries represent four continents, respectively South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. We chose them as important players in political and economic aspects in the EU’s international relations. These countries are also a major student source for the European higher education market; in recent years all of them have become keen to welcome students from the EU member states and to enhance their internationalisation activities in partnership with European higher education institutions.

The internationalisation of higher education receives support from different sides of society. Depending on the perspectives of participants or stakeholders, internationalisation of higher education may mean different things. In fact, one can argue that a successful initiative for university internationalisation answers the expectations of both the university’s internal and external stakeholders. However, it is not unusual that efforts to build a successful international partnership go into disarray. One of the challenges to effective internationalisation is the lack of real understanding of the partners’ perspective. Awareness of the differences in the rules shaping higher education around the world and of the diversity of goals and expectations each partner brings to the cooperation are the central issues that must be considered when building successful cooperation in higher education. Partners should be aware that higher education is a key factor, historically linked with the state building process and thus an integral part of any country’s identity. The complexity of the higher education system in any country should not be underestimated. By systematically studying the policies for the internationalisation of higher education in both the EU and some of its major partners in other continents and reviewing some concrete experiences, this book will further the understanding of the many challenges that stand in the way of building successful international cooperation in the higher education field.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBuilding Higher Education Cooperation with the EU: Challenges and Opportunities from Four Continents
EditorsElizabeth Balbachevsky, Yuzhuo Cai, Heather Eggins, Svetlana Shenderova
Place of PublicationLeiden/Boston
Publication statusPublished - 2020
Publication typeA3 Book chapter

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NameGlobal Perspectives on Higher Education
PublisherBrill Sense

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