Low utility of ocular screening in sarcoidosis in Finland

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    Purpose: Systematic ocular screening is recommended in sarcoidosis, because of a high rate of ocular involvement. The purpose of this study was to determine whether ocular screening is useful in sarcoidosis in a Finnish university hospital population with 0.5 M inhabitants. Methods: Patient charts of patients with sarcoidosis, without a history of ocular sarcoidosis, without ocular inflammatory symptoms, and with a comprehensive eye exam from January 2014 to January 2021 at Tays Eye Centre, Tampere, Finland, were studied. Results: Five of 262 patients (2%) were diagnosed with asymptomatic uveitis. No other types of ocular sarcoidosis were found. Anterior uveitis without complications was present in three patients, unilaterally in two and bilaterally in one patient. Posterior uveitis was present in two patients, a unilateral choroidal granuloma requiring treatment in one and bilateral punched-out chorioretinal lesions in the other patient. Conclusions: With this low rate of ocular involvement requiring treatment in sarcoidosis, systematic screening for asymptomatic ocular sarcoidosis does not seem useful in a Finnish population. In Tays Eye Centre, systematic screening of ocular sarcoidosis was discontinued in 2021.

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