Managing suppliers for social sustainability: A ‎systematic review of literature

Research output: Other conference contributionScientific


As organizations could suffer financial and reputational damages due to their ‎suppliers’ misconduct, they seek different means to influence the social performance ‎of their suppliers. Implementing social sustainability in supply chains proves to be ‎challenging. Therefore, we ask how organizations manage their supplier relationships ‎to extend social sustainability to their suppliers. We perform a literature review and ‎analyze 65 sample articles. We find that the main theme in the literature is governance ‎mechanisms of assessment and collaboration. However, both approaches have ‎limitations and to overcome them, alternative and complementary approaches are ‎examined and proposed.‎
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2022
Publication typeNot Eligible
EventEurOMA Conference - Berlin, Germany
Duration: 3 Jul 20226 Jul 2022


ConferenceEurOMA Conference


  • social sustainability
  • social responsibility
  • Buyer-supplier relationship
  • systematic literature review


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