Omalääkärin yhteys terveyspalvelujen käyttöön ja tyytyväisyyteen sekä lääkityksen säännölliseen käyttöön

Emmi Lautamatti

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Continuity of care has multiple benefits. It improves accessibility to primary health care services, reduces the use of emergency and hospital services, increases population’s health, is cost-effective, and decreases mortality. In Finland, the health care system is based on well-organized primary health care, where named and assigned general practitioners (GPs) provide continuity of care. Accessibility to primary health care and continuity of care have been decreasing in Finland in the recent decades. The objective of this doctoral thesis is to investigate whether the named GP is associated with the use of health centre and hospital services, satisfaction with health care services, and regular use of medication.

The study is based on the Health and Social Support (HeSSup) study. Postal questionnaires were sent to the same participants in 1998, 2003, and 2012. In 2012, the study group expanded the data collection to include a younger age group. Written consent was obtained from participants by the HeSSup study group to combine their responses with national registries. The survey collected participants’ demographic and health data, as well as their report of named GP, the use of health centre and hospital services, satisfaction with health care services, and medication use. Hospital days were collected from the national Care Register for Health Care (Hilmo). The original manuscripts were each based on different cohorts of the material.

The named GP is associated with increased use of health centre and hospital ser- vices. There is no independent association with Hilmo-registered hospital days when analysis also includes the health state of the respondent. Satisfaction with health care services and regular use of medication are associated with a reported named GP.

The named GP seems to provide accessibility to health care services and treatment of illnesses in hospitals. However, health related factors are more strongly as- sociated with register-based hospital days than the named GP. Participants' reports on both satisfaction and named GP emphasize the quality of health care services provided by named GP. Regular use of medication is particularly important for the population with chronic illnesses as it increases their health and well-being.

The named GP is associated with the same benefits, which continuity of care has. In Finland, there is an ongoing reform of social and health services. It is now more important than ever to strengthen the continuity of care provided by named GPs.
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Publication statusPublished - 2024
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