Pistepilvitiedon hyödyntäminen korjausrakennushankkeen arkkitehtisuunnittelussa

Anssi Savisaari

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    The field of repairs and renovations is constantly growing when viewed from the monetary value point of view. According to estimations made by experts, the field is facing a need for a substantial growth in resources or efficiency. One of the potential methods for increasing the efficiency in repair and renovation projects is the growing use of point cloud data technology.

    Point cloud data is a dense group of three-dimensional measurements, which can be used to establish a three-dimensional model of an existing building. The most significant advantage in using point cloud data, is the three-dimensional nature and the accuracy of the measurements. Current methods for 3D-modeling an existing building rely on unreliable old blueprints and arduous measuring. The use of point cloud data simplifies the process of 3D-modeling an existing building.

    This research is divided in to a theoretical part and interviews. In the theoretical part of the research I go through the different forms of information used in modeling existing structures and their qualities. At the same time, I zoom in to the terminology of point cloud data. The current terminology is used in conflicting manners and therefore I have redefined several terms. I also examine the effects of Common BIM Requirements 2012 to the information and methods used to model existing buildings.

    The interviews were carried out to gather user experience to the subjects covered in the theoretical part of the research. Notable themes in the interviews were the situation of the field of repairs and renovations, the qualities of point cloud data in projects, requirements in the Common BIM Requirements 2012 and the interpretation of the above requirements in modeling existing buildings.

    This research serves the field of repair and renovations in standardizing the methods used with point cloud data. With this research, architectural designers can pay attention to special features that point cloud data introduces to repair and renovation projects. With the help of this research, architectural designers can critically evaluate the information used in the project and can recommend additional information to be created.
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