Targeting Suicide – qualitative analysis of suicide prevention in England and Finland

Pia Solin, Pirjo Nikander

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    Suicide as a stigmatising issue presents a huge challenge for prevention policy. Also, policy itself is often difficult to turn into action. This research describes the interpretative repertoires found in the suicide prevention strategies of England and Finland, and explores their potential functions and audiences. It was found that the political repertoire was formed from four sub-repertoires: the public health epidemiology, the everyday, the preventive action and the reflective repertoires. This paper discusses the polyphonic and multilayered nature of these policy documents and how different repertoires may be used for various functions. The polyphonic nature of policy documents is necessary to reach a wide readership and to capture suicide as a controversial phenomenon. However, the downside is that the argumentative style may also undermine some of the measures and actions recommended.
    Original languageEnglish
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    Publication statusPublished - 2011
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    • interpretative repertoire analys
    • itsemurhien ehkäisy
    • mental health policy
    • mieleterveyspolitiikka
    • qualitative content analysis
    • suicide prevention
    • tulkintarepertuaarit

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