The information environment of researchers in molecular medicine

Annikki Roos, Sanna Kumpulainen, Kalervo Järvelin, Turid Hedlund

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Introduction. Describes and analyses the information environment of research work in molecular medicine. We presume an interdependence between the information environment, the research process and the related work tasks. Method. This is a qualitative case study using mixed methods. Empirical data were gathered using two surveys and six semi-structured thematic interviews. Analysis. Analysis was carried out on the merged data of the two surveys. Respondents were divided into groups and information resources were categorized. material and interpersonal communication. The usage of portals and other integrated resources was substantial. The role of PubMed was central in searching scientific facts. Google was used to locate general Web pages, research groups, methods and tools. Interpersonal communication seemed to be effective in providing information about methods and tools among groups which do laboratory work. The problems reported concerned lack of knowledge about useful resources and how to use them properly, some query formulation problems were also reported, e.g. problems with acronyms, personal names and gene name synonymy. Con elusions. The information related tasks occupied much of the researchers'time. If information problems were solved, more time to the research would be released. The database and tool interfaces should be easier to use.

Original languageEnglish
JournalInformation Research
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2008
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