Ajatuksia ekoindividuaation kasvatusfilosofiasta

Translated title of the contribution: Thoughts on the educational philosophy of ecoindividualization

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This article formulates an idea of eco-individuation. Both socialization and individuation, the process of developing unique selfhood, are the essential functions of education. The problem with individuation is an individualistic, competitive, possessive, and control-oriented way of thinking. A human being is understood in a human-centered manner assuming human beings are separate from nature. A human being, disengaged from nature also assuming superiority in relation to nature, has considered the unhindered use of nature their inviolable human right without a sense of responsibility towards other living creatures. The development of individuality, individuation takes place in ecologically problematic settings and within problematic ideas of the human subject. Finding solutions to current and ongoing eco-crisis requires rethinking education as a process of eco-individuation, by which human being is intertwined with the ecosystem becoming its constructive member. I examine eco-individuation in multispecies context from the perspectives of systemic psychology, eco-psychology, eco-phenomenology, and deep ecology. Instead of presuming two distinct organism and environment, eco-individuation starts from the standpoint of one organism-environment-system. The human sense of entitlement can subside when seen in fundamental interrelation with other living beings and ecosystems. The ideas of ecological self and asubjective experience are considered for seeing how a human being can grow to be a collaborative member of the Earth’s living community and not an individualist person fighting against it.
Translated title of the contributionThoughts on the educational philosophy of ecoindividualization
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Pages (from-to)43-62
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2021
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