Wetting Behavior and Functionality Restoration of Cold-Sprayed Aluminum-Quasicrystalline Composite Coatings

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Coating design is an efficient strategy to engineer wettability of surfaces and adjustment of the functionality to the necessities in industrial sectors. The current study reveals the feasibility of functional aluminum/quasicrystalline (Al-QC) composite coatings fabrication by cold spray technology. A commercially available Al-based quasicrystalline powder (Al-Cr-Fe-Cu) was combined with aluminum alloy (Al6061) feedstock materials to make coatings with various compositions. A set of cold spray process parameters was employed to deposit composite coatings with different QC-Al ratios and Al6061 coatings as counterparts. The wettability of the coating surfaces was measured by static water droplet contact angles using a droplet shape analyzer and investigation of the dynamic of water droplet impact by high-speed imaging. Through microstructural studies, the Al-QC composites revealed dense structure, well-integrated and adherent deposits, providing structural reliability and enhanced hydrophobic behavior. In the last step of this work, composite coatings were deposited over eroded cold-sprayed Al6061 and a selected composite to demonstrate the feasibility of repairing the damaged part and function restoring. The results and approach used in this work provide understanding of cold-sprayed Al-QC composite coatings manufacturing and their wetting behavior state for cross-field applications.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Thermal Spray Technology
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 4 Jan 2023
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  • aluminum alloy
  • cold spray
  • composite coating
  • quasicrystal
  • repairing
  • wettability

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