‘Collaborative Degree Programmes in Internationalisation Policies: Stakeholders’ Perspective’.

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This article studies the role of collaborative degree programmes in internationalisation policies in Finnish and Russian higher education, and in particular, the role of internal stakeholders for sustainability of Finnish-Russian collaborative degree programmes. Rationales of internal stakeholders, such as academic, economic and pollical, to implement internationalisation policies are analysed and compared. In order to understand the opportunities for collaborative degrees to survive, interactions and conflicts between different internal university stakeholders, between the latter and external university stakeholders operating on a policy level, and between the internal university stakeholders of partner universities are addressed. Based on this analysis, a classification of university stakeholders and their salience for double degree cooperation is presented.
Keywords: collaborative degree programmes, rationales for internationalisation, double degrees, internationalisation of higher education, stakeholders, university, Russia, Finland
Aikajakso27 lokak. 2021
Tapahtuman otsikko20th Annual Aleksanteri Conference on Russian and Eastern European Studies ‘Eurasia and Global Migration’, panel ‘Towards Good Neighbourliness? Russian Universities, Internationalisation and International Cooperation’.
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