Collaborative degrees in Finnish and Russian internationalisation: cui bono?’

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Collaborative degrees in Finnish and Russian internationalisation: qui bono?

Svetlana Shenderova presents some results of her 5-year study regarding collaborative degree programmes implemented as part of internationalisation policies in Finland and Russia (EDUneighbours project, PI Dr Soc Sc Sirke Mäkinen). In particular, Svetlana addresses political economy drivers for internationalisation of higher education, their reflection at the university, programme, partnership and individual level, and the beneficiaries of internationalisation policies. Svetlana analyses master’s programmes with an option to obtain the second degree at the partner university (double degree), their institutional environments, stakeholders, and the results of funding tools usage. Her research is based on the analysis of stakeholder interviews conducted in Finnish and Russian universities in 2017, double degree graduate interviews in 2018, online survey in 2020 and data of website survey (2017, 2021), as well as literature review, policy and university level documents.
Aikajakso5 heinäk. 2022
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