EuroHaptics 2020 (Tapahtuma)

Aktiviteetti: Konferenssiartikkeleiden refereenä toimiminen


TNO, Soesterberg, The Netherlands, Eurohaptics is a major international conference on haptics and touch enabled computer applications, and the primary European meeting for researchers in this field.Eurohaptics 2020 conference, to be held in Leiden, Netherlands, June 17th - 20th, 2020, will provide researchers from academia and industry with an opportunity to present ideas and establish contacts with other haptics researchers from around the world. The conference will be held at City Concert Hall (Stadsgehoorzaal) in Leiden.
Aikajakso17 kesäk. 202019 kesäk. 2020
Tapahtuman tyyppiConference
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational