Genetic and environmental effects on the change in leg extension power among older women: A three-year follow-up

  • Taina Rantanen (Contributor)
  • Tiainen, K. (Contributor)
  • Sarianna Sipilä (Contributor)
  • Markku Kauppinen (Contributor)
  • Markku Koskenvuo (Contributor)
  • Jaakko Kaprio (Contributor)

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    Contributors: Rantanen Taina, Tiainen Kristina, Sipilä Sarianna, Kauppinen Markku, Koskenvuo Markku, Kaprio Jaakko
    Aikajakso18 marrask. 2005
    Tapahtuman otsikkoThe Gerontological Society of America. 58th Annual Scientific Meeting
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    Tunnustuksen arvoInternational