How to teach know-how? Evaluation sequences in teaching and learning manual work

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Many forms of manual labor are characterized by highly specialized skills, such as operating machines and handling tools. Honing these skills requires training, often as part of an apprenticeship or other forms of vocational education. The objective is to acquire know-how, in addition to know-that (see Arminen & Simonen, 2021).
In this paper, we analyze evaluation sequences (Margutti & Drew, 2014; Seedhouse, 2004) considering their relevance for the learning and teaching of procedural knowledge (Ryle, 2009). The sequences under scrutiny come from a specific learning context, namely, a construction site that belongs to a vocational school for adults. Using a multimodal conversation analytic approach, we focus on sequences in which the students receive feedback from their teacher on a physical work task they have previously been instructed in and are now executing. The analysis is based on roughly 20.5 hours of video data collected at the site; the focal collection consists of approximately 30 evaluation sequences.
We show how the multimodal design of the teacher’s evaluations reflects his orientation to the students’ emergent expertise in the task. This is, for instance, observable in whether evaluations are produced solely verbally or whether they are expanded into a manual demonstration. The verbal evaluations mark the work as ‘good enough’ to proceed and thus show an orientation to the student as an (emergent) expert. In manual demonstrations, accompanied by verbal instructions, the teacher temporarily takes over the student’s tools to reiterate the correct procedure, thereby orienting to the student as someone who has not yet acquired sufficient procedural knowledge in the task at hand. The study contributes to a broader understanding of the use of verbal and embodied resources in teaching and learning manual skills and how the material environment shapes interaction in construction work.
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