Internationalisation of higher education in Russia: the policy of privileges

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The paper studies transformation of the internationalisation policy in Russian higher education as a set of privileges distributed unequally and non-transparently. The author explores the internationalisation policy in Russia since late USSR till now from the perspectives of governance network theory considering integration of Russian elites to supranational networks governed internationalisation. This contextualises the agency of internationalisation policy stakeholders at supra-, national, and university level and highlights the space for their legal choices during the internationalisation policy implementation. The paper reveals the most salient stakeholders of internationalisation policy before and during Russia’s war in Ukraine, and explains how they used the internationalisation policy to monopolise their privileges, and how all of these have contributed growing inequality in Russian higher education and provided the resilience of the regime.
Aikajakso26 lokak. 2023
Tapahtuman otsikkoDecolonising the Global East: Legal Choices, Political Transformations, Carceral practices
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