Interoperability and digital repositories

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Modern demands on interoperability is a challenge to digital repositories. Our data catalogues, services, solutions and digital objects should be interoperable, metadata and data should flow back and forth effortlessly, and machines should to talk to and understand other machines, and take action. New requirements, recommendations, definitions, buzzwords and initiatives emerge on a constant basis. Even the term “interoperability” means different things for different audiences and in different contexts.
Data archives have traditionally provided access to data from discovery to download. Today, the users require more: research environments that can support analysis, data protection, and increasing complexity and size of data. The range of actors, organisations and services that need to interoperate expands rapidly, and the levels of interoperability get more varied.
However, we believe it is possible to raise to the occasion. Networking and collaboration are they keys for successfully providing services for our target audiences. We will present FSD’s experiences in two examples of successful collaborations: the CESSDA Data Catalogue and the Finna catalogue that provides access to materials from Finnish museums, libraries and archives. We will also discuss the impacts the changing landscape and EOSC will have for a data archive like FSD, how FSD plans to become more interoperable and FAIR, and what can be seen as being sufficiently interoperable.
Aikajakso18 toukok. 2021
Tapahtuman otsikkoIASSIST Global Virtual Conference 2021
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