Linking SSH research publications, datasets and infrastructures in

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The volume of research is increasing along with the steadily increasing digitization of research and the advent of open science. This puts a pressure on research information systems, which try to work with various research output types (e.g. publications and datasets) and the related information. This is even more of an acute issue for Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). When compared to e.g. natural sciences, SSH’s representation in various forms of research outputs is often lacking in research databases. One solution is national CRIS systems, which aim to provide a realistic and disciplinarily balanced picture on the research outputs produced by various research organizations in a given country. To achieve this, metadata for research outputs need to be consistent and, above all, interoperable. One component in this is to use persistent identifiers (PIDs). This paper presents a case of interoperability of SSH publications, datasets, and infrastructures. Linking research outputs, funding decisions, actors, and organizations with PIDs is the starting point of the Finnish portal. We present and discuss the advancements that PIDs provide for research information management from the SSH point of view
Aikajakso29 kesäk. 2021
Tapahtuman otsikko2nd International Conference on ICT enhanced Social Sciences and Humanities 2021
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