Narrating Hiedanranta

Aktiviteetti: Työpajan, paneelin, session tai tutoriaalin järjestäminen


Narrating Hiedanranta: Stories of Objects and Subjects of Urban Places builds on a course on Urban Activism that studied five cases in the city of Tampere, Finland, by following the stories of one activist (subject) per case and their relationship to their particular site (object) of action. In the forthcoming workshop, we will deepen the study in one of the cases, a former industrial area Hiedanranta at the shores of the lake Näsijärvi in the city of Tampere. The area is occupied by different actors that have appropriated the empty factories, owners’ villas as well as surrounding wastelands and parks, transforming them and providing them with novel uses. The aim of this workshop is to explore exciting participatory visual and narrative methods to gather, understand, and retell the actors’ stories and their relationship to their sites of action.
Aikajakso8 kesäk. 202210 kesäk. 2022
Tapahtuman tyyppiWorkshop
SijaintiTampere, SuomiNäytä kartalla
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational