Utility of combining final PSA and PSA dynamics (change from month 6 to final PSA) for prostate cancer and high grade cancer diagnosis in the reduction by dutasteride of prostate cancer events (REDUCE) study

  • G Andriole (Keynote speaker)
  • S Freedland (Keynote speaker)
  • D Tindall (Keynote speaker)
  • Tammela, T. (Keynote speaker)
  • C Teloken (Keynote speaker)
  • M Somerville (Keynote speaker)
  • T Wilson (Keynote speaker)
  • R Rittmaster (Keynote speaker)

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    Contributors: Andriole G, Freedland S, Tindall D, Tammela T, Teloken C, Somerville M, Wilson T, Rittmaster R / AUA (American Urological Association). 2010 Annual Meeting, Abstracts on CD-ROM, 1981.
    Aikajakso1 kesäk. 2010
    Tapahtuman otsikkoAUA Annual Meeting
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