Virtual reality and mixed reality aiding medicine

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There is a burning need for efficient 3D visualizations in radiology. In healthcare the solutions hold a big promise e.g. radiological diagnostics, surgical planning, surgical operations and education.

The DPI project creates immersive ways to view medical imaging data in natural-feeling 3D environments. It applies VR, MR, AI, intuitive control by voice, gaze and gestures, and visual & haptic feedback, enhanced by AI. These technological advances, when integrated with new medical workflows, will deliver far improved clinical results with lower costs. Osgenic as a DPI member has developed an online surgical training platform, that leverages virtual reality for enhanced perception of 3D anatomy. The vision is to make surgery safer by providing meaningful and intuitive tools for structured and competency based surgical training.

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  • NimiVirtual reality and mixed reality aiding medicine
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