3D-360° videos



360-video allows for exploring visual scenes from all directions
outwards in the form of of a monoscopic panorama. It is one of
the most widely-used types of media for head-mounted displays,
where the panorama can be presented as a single viewpoint to
both user’s eyes. Alternatively, stereoscopic 3D-360 video con-
tent aims at generating two panorama videos, one for each eye
of the user, thus providing a more realistic and immersive experi-
ence. However, the capture, compression, storage and visualiza-
tion of this type of content are more challenging and require fur-
ther research. To assist researchers working in the related areas,
this dataset comprises six stereoscopic 3D-360
videos captured by the Nokia OZO camera system.
Koska saatavilla2019
JulkaisijaTampere University

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