Data used for validation of the Localized Subtraction Approach

  • Malte B. Höltershinken (Institute for Biomagnetism and Biosignalanalysis) (Contributor)
  • Pia Lange (University of Münster) (Contributor)
  • Tim Erdbrügger (University of Münster) (Contributor)
  • Yvonne Buschermöhle (University of Münster) (Contributor)
  • Fabrice Wallois (Jules Verne University of Picardie, CHU Picardie) (Contributor)
  • Alena Buyx (Technical University of Munich) (Contributor)
  • Sampsa Pursiainen (Creator)
  • Johannes Vorwerk (Contributor)
  • Christian Engwer (Contributor)
  • Carsten H. Wolters (Contributor)



This dataset contains the four-layer sphere models, the EEG and MEG sensors, and the dipoles used in the evaluation of the localized subtraction approach for the EEG and MEG forward problem, as detailed in a corresponding manuscript (Preprint available at: Details on the creation and interpretation of the data are given in README files contained in the dataset.
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