FEniCS based solution to benchmark example of numerical simulation of hygrothermal performance of building components (EN 15026 Annex A)

  • Petteri Huttunen (Creator)



This is a python script, which demonstrates how to use FEniCS (https://fenicsproject.org/) to numerically solve the benchmark example given in standard EN 15026 "Hygrothermal performance of building components and building elements. Assessment of moisture tranfer by numerical simulation". While the script can be succesfully used to obtain results, which are within the given accuracy criteria, the script may be impractically slow and needs further optimization. The script was originally the author's school project assignment for course FYS-4096 Computational Physics at Tampere University of Technology, Spring 2018. In order to understand the script, one must have basic knowledge in FEniCS concepts and theory of weak formulation in PDE-problems and finite element method.
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Field of science, Statistics Finland

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