Gyroscope sensor data of shank motion during normal and barefoot walking

  • Mikko Salminen (Creator)
  • Saku Suominen (Tampere Uni. of Applied Sci.) (Creator)
  • Akihiro Inomata (Advanced Converging Technologies Laboratories, Fujitsu LTD) (Creator)
  • Shinji Hotta (Advanced Converging Technologies Laboratories, Fujitsu LTD) (Creator)
  • Yuki Sasamoto (Advanced Converging Technologies Laboratories, Fujitsu LTD) (Creator)
  • Lea Saarni (Tampere Uni. of Applied Sci.) (Creator)
  • Antti Vehkaoja (Creator)



The measurements were performed in closed and disturbance free space, where an unobstructed 10 m walkway was arranged. All tests were performed on a hard floor surface first with shoes that were adapt for walking (indoor sports shoes, sneakers etc.) and afterwards walking barefooted the same protocol. The subjects had clothing which did not restrict lower limb movement. In each test, the 10 m walking was repeated three times. Prior to testing, the procedure was demonstrated, and the sensors were carefully positioned to correct locations. The subjects were instructed to walk with their own natural walking velocity and to begin each 10 m walk from a completely stationary position.
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Field of science, Statistics Finland

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