Supplementary data for "Gene-pair expression signatures reveal lineage control"

  • Merja Heinäniemi (Creator)
  • Anke Wienecke-Baldacchino (Creator)
  • Lasse Sinkkonen (Creator)
  • Matti Nykter (Creator)
  • Roger Kramer (Creator)
  • Joseph Xu Zhou (Creator)
  • Richard Kreisberg (Creator)
  • Stuart Kauffman (Creator)
  • Sui Huang (Creator)
  • Ilya Shmulevich (Creator)



    The distinct cell types of multicellular organisms arise owing to constraints imposed by gene regulatory networks on the collective change of gene expression across the genome, creating self-stabilizing expression states, or attractors. We curated human expression data comprising 166 cell types and 2,602 transcription-regulating genes and developed a data-driven method for identifying putative determinants of cell fate built around the concept of expression reversal of gene pairs, such as those participating in toggle-switch circuits. This approach allows us to organize the cell types into their ontogenic lineage relationships. Our method identifies genes in regulatory circuits that control neuronal fate, pluripotency and blood cell differentiation, and it may be useful for prioritizing candidate factors for direct conversion of cell fate.
    Koska saatavilla2017
    JulkaisijaTampere University of Technology

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