TAU-NIGENS Spatial Sound Events 2020



The TAU-NIGENS Spatial Sound Events 2020 dataset contains multiple spatial sound-scene recordings, consisting of sound events of distinct categories integrated into a variety of acoustical spaces, and from multiple source directions and distances as seen from the recording position. The spatialization of all sound events is based on filtering through real spatial room impulse responses (RIRs), captured in multiple rooms of various shapes, sizes, and acoustical absorption properties. Furthermore, each scene recording is delivered in two spatial recording formats, a microphone array one (MIC), and first-order Ambisonics one (FOA). The sound events are spatialized as either stationary sound sources in the room, or moving sound sources, in which case time-variant RIRs are used. Each sound event in the sound scene is associated with a trajectory of its direction-of-arrival (DoA) to the recording point, and a temporal onset and offset time. The isolated sound event recordings used for the synthesis of the sound scenes are obtained from the NIGENS general sound events database. These recordings serve as the development dataset for the DCASE 2020 Sound Event Localization and Detection Task of the DCASE 2020 Challenge.
Koska saatavilla31 toukok. 2020
Tietojen luontipäivämäärä1 marrask. 2019 - 29 maalisk. 2020

Field of science, Statistics Finland

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