The dental infections in patients undergoing preoperative dental examination before surgical treatment of saccular intracranial aneurysm

  • Mikko J. Pyysalo (Tampere University Hospital, Oral Health Services, City of Tampere) (Creator)
  • Liisa M. Pyysalo (Tampere University Hospital) (Creator)
  • Jenni Hiltunen (Creator)
  • Jorma Järnstedt (Creator)
  • Mika Helminen (Creator)
  • Pekka Karhunen (Creator)
  • Tanja Pessi (Creator)



Abstract Objective Dental bacterial DNA and bacterial-driven inflammation markers have previously been detected in intracranial aneurysm tissue samples. This study aimed (i) to assess the possible presence of dental infectious foci, (ii) and the possible association between typical odontogenic bacteria and clinical dental findings in patients undergoing pre-operative dental examination before surgical treatment of saccular intracranial aneurysm. Ninety patients with an intracranial aneurysm were recruited to the study, and the patients’ teeth were routinely investigated. Clinical data and bacterial samples from the gingival pockets were collected from a subpopulation of 60 patients. Five typical dental pathogens and total bacteria amounts were measured from gingival samples using real-time quantitative PCR. Results The amounts of total bacterial and Fusobacterium nucleatum DNA were significantly higher in the patients with ≥ 6 mm gingival pockets than patients without them (p 
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Field of science, Statistics Finland

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